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Acute / Relief Care

Have you injured your spine and are seeking relief? Dr Angelo Marinakis of Active Life Chiropractic is your chiropractor for Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, North Austin, Georgetown and Cedar Park. We provide expert care for acute conditions such as headaches, TMJ pain, neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel pain, hip pain, knee pain and foot pain. Dr. Angelo will carefully and thoroughly evaluate your condition to determine if chiropractic can help you. Gentle and specific chiropractic care for relief and/or injury recovery is safe, effective and economical. Our goal is to optimize your body's ability to heal itself through correction of spinal subluxations (misalignments causing nerve interference) using the right kind of adjustment for YOUR body.

Wellness Care

Dr Angelo Marinakis of Active Life Chiropractic is your wellness care chiropractor for Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, North Austin, Georgetown and Cedar Park. Patients who choose chiropractic care as a strategy to maintain and support their movement and energy most often receive the the maximum benefits from chiropractic. Like any wellness behavior such as exercise or dental hygiene, adjustments create the best results for you when they are received at regular intervals of time. Wellness care in our office is easy, convenient and affordable. Please call Dr. Angelo to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic wellness care.

Chiropractic Techniques Available

One of the keys to great results from your chiropractic care depends on finding the technique that most easily allows you to release your patterns of spinal subluxation. Dr. Angelo is proficient in a variety of techniques that utilize varying levels of pressure, force and sensitivity.

  • Diversified Full Spine
  • Thompson
  • Activator
  • Toggle Recoil Upper Cervical Specific
  • Network Spinal Analysis
  • Torque Release

Our goal is to correct your subluxations and maintain the corrections in such a way that maximizes your results and your comfort level throughout the process.


Massage Therapy with Moe Marvi LMT of Massage in ATX

Moe is originally from Israel. He moved to the United States in 2005 following a vision. After graduating from the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School right here in Austin Texas he was finally able to start bringing his vision to fruition: promoting wellness through massage therapy.

Even though Moe is proficient in multiple massage modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Fulcrum (Deep) Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Orthopedic and Prenatal just to name a few) He is most known for his integrative style of massage where he seamlessly gels multiple massage modalities "on-the-fly" into one cohesive organic experience customized to the client's needs, for a result that has been described as both therapeutic, refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

In Moe’s words:

“My mission is to promote wellness through massage therapy."

Massage should not hurt, bruise you or be uncomfortably painful, because if you're tensing up or holding your breath - we're missing the point. I also believe that communication in life is key and massage is no different. I pledge that I will listen to you, your body and your needs, provide my professional opinion and customize the session accordingly while reaching our goal towards your wellness”.

Moe can be reached at (410) 979-8433 or through his website: